We’re excited to now offer permanent jewelry! Using solid gold or solid sterling silver chain, each piece of permanent jewelry is made to fit perfectly because it is welded to your desired length. Your customized permanent jewelry can be worn forever and is the perfect everyday accessory that you’ll never have to worry about. 

Below is helpful information about the process, FAQ and how to book an appointment, party or pop-up!

Permanent Jewelry | Cincinnati, Ohio | FENNO FASHION

Permanent jewelry is just that - permanent until you decide to cut it off. Anyone can have it applied and if you decide you'd like to take it off, it is possible to remove yourself.

Permanent Jewelry Cincinnati | FENNO FASHION

Permanent jewelry is always customized. Currently we a vast selection of different styles of chain in sterling silver & solid 14k gold.

Permanent Jewelry Cincinnati - FENNO FASHION

Permanent Jewelry Cincinnati - FENNO FASHION
Sterling Silver Permanent Jewelry Chain Options | Permanent Jewelry Cincinnati | FENNO FASHION
Solid 14k Gold Permanent Jewelry Chain Options | Permanent Jewelry Cincinnati | FENNO FASHION
Sterling Silver Permanent Jewelry Chain Fenno Fashion | Permanent Jewelry Cincinnati | FENNO FASHION Permanent Jewelry
Sterling Silver Permanent Jewelry Chain Fenno Fashion | Permanent Jewelry Cincinnati | FENNO FASHION Permanent Jewelry
Black Stainless Steel  Permanent Jewelry Chain Options | Permanent Jewelry Cincinnati | FENNO FASHION
Colorful Chain Permanent Jewelry Cincinnati - FENNO FASHION
Colorful Chain Permanent Jewelry Cincinnati - FENNO FASHION
permanent jewelry cincinnati

Using a portable welder, we can apply your permanent jewelry nearly anywhere. It’s a painless process and takes around 10 - 15 minutes from start to finish.

You choose the chain and where you’d like your permanent jewelry. We offer necklaces, bracelets and anklets. 

Once you select your desired chain, we’ll make sure to find your preferred fit. 

To ensure it’s the perfect length and prior to welding, we’ll add a small temporary clasp. You can then wear the chain with the temporary clasp for several minutes. This allows time to make sure everything looks okay, that the chain is cut to your desired fit and have a chance to check it out in a mirror.

When you’re happy with the fit of your permanent jewelry, we’ll start the welding process!

Using a protective layer between your skin and the welder, you'll hear a small pop when your jewelry is being welded and will see a small spark. We wear safety glasses and have some on hand if you prefer to wear them as well.

 * We do require a signed waiver and consent form before starting.

Permanent Jewelry Cincinnati

Is it comfortable to sleep in permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is safe and comfortable. 

How much does permanent jewelry cost?

This depends on whether you choose an anklet, bracelet or necklace. Prices also vary depending on the length of the necklace you choose and the chain style. 

You can find the pricing chart by scrolling down to the bottom of this page. 

Can I wear the jewelry through airport security?

Travelers can wear real gold or silver jewelry through airport security without any issues and you will not be required to remove it during security screening.

On occasion, lesser quality "costume" jewelry may trigger the alarm if it contains magnetic metals such as iron, nickel or cobalt, which are not present in the permanent jewelry we apply. 

Can my kids have permanent jewelry?

Yep! Kids can enjoy permanent jewelry as well. Just as with adults, we do require a waiver to be signed on their behalf and ask that the parent or guardian is present through the entire appointment.  

Does permanent jewelry tarnish or wear out?

Silver is prone to oxidation in certain circumstances. Some of these include but are not limited to: 

  • hot tubs
  • cleaning chemicals
  • high humidity
  • ocean water
  • your body's ph levels

 What this means is your silver jewelry will turn a darker color, but is a quick fix to have it looking brand new and shiny in no time using the polishing cloth we provide after your permanent jewelry appointment. 

How do I remove permanent jewelry?

If you’d like to remove your permanent jewelry, we recommend using wire cutters or nail clippers to clip the small welded link. Should you like the bracelet to be reapplied at another time, it’s important to keep your chain.

How many pieces of permanent jewelry can you have? Can you wear multiple?

Many customers fall in love with their new piece of custom permanent jewelry that they'll return for more! Bracelets and anklets are the most common to stack. If you're someone that likes to wear both silver and gold, you can get one of each!

Is there a warranty?

We always will ensure the integrity of our weld before you walk out the door with your permanent jewelry. 

However keep in mind that while permanent jewelry is very durable, it is still considered fine jewelry. Though unlikely, there is still a very small chance for the welded link to come undone. If that should happen, please contact us right away and we'll be happy to re-weld your jewelry for no charge within 90 days of your initial appointment or $18 after the 90 day period. 

Once the chain is cut during your appointment, it is final sale. 


Where to get permanent jewelry Cincinnati Ohio | FENNO FASHION

 There are three ways to go about getting permanent jewelry: 

At my In-Home Studio

Make an appointment to stop by our home studio. This is by appointment only.

FENNO FASHION Studio | Permanent Jewelry Cincinnati


If you don't see a time that works with your schedule, please send an email to or feel free to use the contact us form. We'll work to figure out a time that works for you! And of course, you're welcome to bring a friend or two as well!

Pop-up Locations

Coming soon, we’ll have several pop-ups throughout the year! All pop-ups will be listed on our event calendar with all of the details you’ll need including the time and location. 

Home Parties

Host a party & invite your friends! A minimum of 5 of your friends/family are asked to have permanent jewelry applied. 

If you’re interested in hosting, please send an email to to get on the schedule or feel free to use the contact us form. Hosts will also receive a discount on their permanent jewelry!

Permanent Jewelry | Cincinnati | FENNO FASHION

Please note that times and locations are limited. It's mobile boutique season and we keep pretty busy between markets, online sales and custom orders. Please allow up to 1 business day for a response. Thank you in advance for your patience!  

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