Remembrance Jewelry Sentimental Handmade Jewelry | Megan Fenno | FENNOfashion

If you’re like me and many of the people I’ve asked, you likely have a few dried flowers from a special occasion; whether that be a wedding, flowers from a loved one or from a service. And, those nicely dried flowers are either displayed in a vase or like are currently -- stashed away in a plastic bag in a keepsake box I rarely open.

Dried flowers are one of those things that you don’t ever want to part with because they remind you of a very special moment in your life -- or of a loved one. But there comes a point when you don’t know what to do with them, right? Then the flowers end up right where mine are, out of sight.

Remembrance Rose Petal Jewelry with Handmade Beads | Megan Fenno | FENNOfashion

What if instead, you took a few of those rose petals or dried flowers from the arrangement and turned them into something not only visible but wearable? A piece of jewelry that can become a family heirloom; that will be treasured through generations in your family. 

This is how the idea of the remembrance jewelry was conceived and to be honest, it was over five years ago when I made my first piece of jewelry using crushed rose petals that I turned into beads. 

I'm currently accepting custom orders including Rosaries, bracelets or any idea you might have!

Remembrance Rose Petal Jewelry with Handmade Beads | Megan Fenno | FENNOfashion

Feel free to contact me if you're interested in working on a custom piece of Remembrance Jewelry.

Remembrance Jewelry Custom Handmade Sentimental Rose Petal Jewelry

How many flowers do you need to make a bracelet, necklace or Rosary?

To make one bracelet, I will need about 1/4 of a rose or equivalent if using other types of flowers. If you're interested in having a Rosary made, I would need one dried rose. However, if it's possible to incorporate more or you have other types of flowers I can add in as well, that can be done!

Can you use flowers other than roses?
Yes, I can use any type of dried flower. 

How dry to do the flowers have to be?

Honestly, the older the flowers are, the better. I need them to be super dry. This not only makes the process easier, but it will help the flowers retain their color in the beads once made. 

What color options do I have for the base color?

These are the base colors for the beads. If you are looking for a specific color that isn't shown, please feel free to reach out and we can work to get the color you are looking for. 

What color will the flowers turn once the bracelet is made? Will they keep their original color?

Most visible flower pieces in the bracelet will maintain the same color they were after being completely dried. Some may turn slightly faded, but in most instances, they will stay true to the dried color. 

What color metals do you use? 

All of the metal I use is nickel-free and I can use antiqued gold, antiqued silver, silver, gold, rose gold or gunmetal. 

How do I go about placing an order?

If you're ordering a Rosary, you can place your order here.

If you're ordering a bracelet, you can place your order here

Please leave your base color choice and metal finish in the notes section of your order during checkout. You can also email them to me: *NOTE: I only make Rosaries using silver. 

If you have another idea for Remembrance Jewelry, please email me and we can discuss your ideas:

How do I get my flowers to you?

If you're located in Cincinnati, you're welcome to drop flowers off to my home or you can mail them. Also, there is no need to worry if the flowers get crushed in the mail, however, I'd advise using a thick or padded envelope. 

When & how do I pay?

I ask that you pay for your order before I start the project. You can pay in person if you choose to drop the flowers off. I can also send a PayPal invoice or create a reserved listing on my website for you. 

How long does the process take?

This will vary depending on the number of orders that are in place and the size of your order, but generally, it will take around one week to complete. 

If roses are delivered fresh, it will take additional time to complete your order. 

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