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We appreciate your interest in Remembrance Jewelry & Accessories! Effective February 2022, we've revised the process for ordering.

To order your remembrance accessories, please visit the Remembrance order page where you can find more info, photos and pricing for each product.

Please place your order through our website. Once your order is placed, we will follow up with the amount of flowers that are needed for your order, customization options and instructions for mailing or dropping off the flowers. 

If you're local to Cincinnati, you're welcome to drop your flowers off. We will send the address once your order is placed. If you need to mail your flowers, you can find the instructions on how to mail them below. 


Remembrance Accessories and Memorial Jewelry Information | Megan Fenno | FENNO FASHION

º We can accept flowers that are fresh or dried. If they're fresh, we will dry them for you at no charge. We use a fast process that only takes a several hours. 

º We can use any type of flowers and greenery and make your accessories with a mix of different flowers.

º The flowers do not need to be attached to the stem as we do not use the stems. 

º Each remembrance accessory we create varies depending on the base color you choose and the type of flowers used.

º Turnaround time varies from the date you order to completion varies week to week. Please contact us for the current turnaround time. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Remembrance Accessories Order Information | FENNO FASHION

º Once your order is placed, we'll give you an estimate for how many flowers are needed. We realize that families will often want more accessories made at a later time. Our estimate on how many flowers are needed for your specific order includes more than we'll need. 

º We will hold onto your extra flowers for 2 years from the date of your order. If you'd like all of the remaining flowers, we're happy to send them back. Please make a note in with your order. We will also hang onto them longer per your request.

º We take several photos of every order. They will be emailed to you once your Remembrance accessories are completed. We like to send photos so you can share them with family, see your customization options prior to receiving your order and to share on social media. 

Remembrance Accessories | Memorial Jewelry | FENNO FASHION | Megan Fenno


We recommend wrapping your flowers in a dry paper towel before placing them in a small box or padded envelope. The paper towels help absorb any moisture while in transit and prevents the flowers from turning brown while in transit.

As soon as your flowers arrive, we will send you an email to let you know that they've arrived safety. 

Customizable Options for Remembrance Accessories | FENNO FASHION

Once your order is placed, we will need to know the base color you'd prefer for each accessory. This is the color that will show through behind the flowers.

Pearly white is the most popular option, however, if you're ordering any type of accessory for men, we recommend choosing a darker 'more masculine' base color such as gray, black or navy.

Remembrance Accessory Color Options | FENNO FASHION


For Remembrance Keychains & Rearview Mirror Accessories, we will reach out to ask what shape you prefer. There are three options:

Aside from the shape of the Remembrance piece and the base color, you can also choose additional charms.

Remembrance Accessories Charm Options | FENNO FASHION

Examples include

º Angel Wings

º Cross Charms

º Initials

º Phrases (i.e. Be Still)

º Names 

º Relationship Charms (i.e. Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandma, etc.)

You can find examples of the charms on previously made accessories in the  Remembrance Jewelry & Accessories Gallery.

It's been over a decade since I made the my very first Remembrance piece. But it wasn't until years later I partnered with Meyer Funeral Home that I branched out from just bracelets to many other options for remembrance accessories.

Fast forward to the present and we've made THOUSANDS of Remembrance accessories. With over two dozen different options available, this part of my business has grown tremendously. 

Assisting in the creation of these special accessories is Alisa. She has been a part of the team since 2019 and puts just as much love and care into each piece as I always have.

Being able to create these special pieces means so much to both of us. We're incredibly grateful to help preserve memories while also helping provide a little company during a difficult season.

 Megan Fenno | FENNO FASHION contact

If you've read all of the information above and still have questions, you can contact us several ways: 

º Fill out this contact form and we will respond within one business day (Monday- Friday) Please be as specific as possible to help us better serve you.

º Email Megan Fenno:

º Call or text: 513-748-2179 

If you call and we don't answer, please leave a voicemail.

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