FENNO FASHION Team | Megan Fenno | Cincinnati
I don't know about you, but I always enjoy learning more about companies, especially those that are small businesses and the team behind the scenes
that makes a successful company come together!

Meet the FENNO FASHION team! I'll start.

FENNO FASHION Team | Megan Fenno | Cincinnati

I'm Megan Fenno, the owner & designer! After graduating from Savannah College of Art & Design with my BFA in fashion & accessory design, I mixed my love of jewelry and my entrepreneurial spirit and FENNO FASHION was officially established in 2007. Yep - 14 years ago! Time flies when you're having fun!
You can learn the full history of the business here.


FENNO FASHION Team | Megan Fenno | Cincinnati


When I say I'd be lost without Alisa, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. She's my main employee and has been with me since 2019. She specializes in Remembrance accessories, but helps with all parts of the business! She's so special that she even has her own designated desk in my office!

FENNO FASHION Team | Megan Fenno | Cincinnati


 Maggie has been helping me out since 2017. The sweetest thing is her daughter loves to help too (and her best friend). She helps with all kinds of facets of the business including making earrings, packaging jewelry, stickering boxes, live sales and events! She's also a model for me because I haven't seen her wear anything but the jewelry I create since I've known her.

FENNO FASHION Team | Megan Fenno | Cincinnati


Monica is just the sweetest and helps me manage inventory, the behind the scenes part of the online boutique, packaging and more!

FENNO FASHION Team | Megan Fenno | Cincinnati


Carly has been with the company for several years now and helps with pretty much anything I ask of her with a smile on her face. A bonus is my grumpy cat loves her! She's a student at The Ohio State University so she isn't here to help quite as much, but works during all of her breaks when she's back in Cincinnati!

FENNO FASHION Team | Megan Fenno | Cincinnati


Camryn is my packaging gal, and I'll tell you what, I am horrible at stamping earring cards and tags for rings and she is a pro! She also stickers all of my thousands of jewelry boxes on the regular and will help with making jewelry!

FENNO FASHION Team | Megan Fenno | Cincinnati


Wonderful is an understatement. John is the most talented person I know! We met in advanced placement art class as freshman's in high school, went to Savannah College of Art & Design together and have been married for 13 years.
John is a design director for a company based in Austin, TX and you can find his home decor designs in stores such as TJ Maxi, Marshall's, Home Goods, Target, Meijer, Lowe's and more.
I probably get over 100 compliments regarding how amazing the inside of the roaming accessories boutique is at each event, and I owe that all to John. He designed the inside of the truck, rendered it in 3D software and renovated the entire inside. We spent over 500 hours total on transforming the mobile boutique into what it is today. What a dedicated husband, am I right?

FENNO FASHION Team | Megan Fenno | Cincinnati


If you've ever stopped by my truck at an event, you've likely met my mom and dad. They absolutely love helping me at markets and know you love them too!
My dad has his 'spiel' down when creating customers and always recites "Everything is handmade by my daughter in the truck", so of course I had to have a shirt so everyone knows I'm the daughter in the truck!
My dad also runs errands for me, will deliver and help display jewelry at boutiques and always runs out to the bank to get change for me before events!

FENNO FASHION Team | Megan Fenno | Cincinnati


Alongside my dad, my mom has been cheering on FENNO FASHION since the very beginning. She lends a listening ear when I need it, always is happy to help at events and loves chatting with customers at markets.

FENNO FASHION Team | Megan Fenno | Cincinnati


Myles has been helping me with the business since he started talking! He carries packages in for me, loves to ride with me to take the truck back and forth to storage, helps load the mobile boutique for events and helps me unpack and bring everything down to my studio afterwards.


Can you tell I have the best team around?  Because I do! It's surely a family-owned business and I'm so grateful for having some of the best help around!

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