Gray Leopard Print Leather Wrap Bracelet

So cute and so fun, the Gray Leopard Print Leather Wrap Bracelet is made with 5 layers of gray leopard print cording on either side, two rows of gray leather strips with details such as gray tiny rhinestones and dainty gold chain.

Serving as the focal point is a 1/2 inch circle of gray faux fur leopard print. 

Finished with a strong gold magnetic clasp, this bracelet is 7.5" in length and fit as 7" when the magnetic clasp is closed.

Looking for the perfect earrings to match this bracelet? Look no further! Here are two options: 

▪️ Gray Faux Fur Leopard Print Oval Earrings 

▪️ Faux Fur Gray Leather Print Earrings 


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