Customizable Heart-Shaped Momma Bird Necklace

A creative way to show your love for your children or grandchildren, this little Heart-Shaped 'Momma Bird' necklace can showcase your child's birthstone, gender or how many children you have. Completely customizable, this seriously would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift! 

  • Made with silver-plated wire or 14K gold-plated wire
  • Your choice of pearls or crystals in the color of your choice
  • Every necklace is made with an additional 2" of chain extender making it adjustable
  • Up to six beads or pearls can be incorporated into the design

Please include a note with your order with the following design preferences: 

  • How many pearls or birthstones you'd like incorporated into the design
  • If you want pearls, please let me know if you'd like white, pink or blue and how many of each. For birthstones, I'd just need to know the birth months of the children or grandchildren
  • What length you'd like the necklace. Standard size is 16" with an additional 2" of chain extender, but I can make the necklace 18", 20" or 22".

Additional questions? Feel free to send an email to!


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